Breakdown Phenomenon

A mass destruction due to unknown causes of gravity vibration and magnetic field generation observed all over the world. The area where the Breakdown Phenomenon occurred will become a ruin in a wide area and it will become a barren land where all life is lost. Although the number is increasing year by year, the facts are hidden by Magus (a.k.a mage) and are eliminated from the memory and records of the general public.


Various magics and knowledges possessed by the Magus is recorded in these contraindicated books. Many Magus will be engaged in research to gain Grimoires. Like the case of Arata, some may possess it from the beginning by talent. Grimoires can be in the form of books, scrolls, crystals, staff and others. There are extremely rare Grimoires that has its own will, and it is regarded as one of the most dangerous ones.


The classification of the mage with the name of seven deadly sins. It is divided into seven categories: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust. It is said to exist in a high dimensional hierarchy which can not be recognized by the human brain, and can not be reached by the body with life. For that reason, Mage men connect to "Archives" by skipping consciousness and spirit to that level. The "Thema" of the mage that Mage studies belongs always belongs to one of these seven classifications.


The subject that Magus studies on its lifetime. The Thema for a Magus is the opposite of ones "value" , "means of existance", and "morality." The research Thema varies widely from individual to individual, even if it is the same Thema, since each person has different sense of value, it does not end up becoming the same magic. By "performing" ones Thema as a result of ones research, a Magus can manipulate ones magical power.


The term for whom studies the path of "the devil" instead of the path of human. The main role is to investigate and solve incidents that can not be resolved by ordinary human and mysterious events that are cause by magic. Since they continuously research on the stuff that are outside of this world, Magus have thoughts and mental that are extremely different from usual ethics.

Macro & Spell

A process required by a Magus to perform magic. Each Magus record "Macro", the steps to execute specific magic, to ones Grimoires, in order to perform it by simply following the Macro. "Spell" is the words and gestures that are required to execute the Macro. This is a from of simplifying the cast of magic and Magus without Grimoires suffers how to shorten Macro and Spell.

Magus Mode

A State for a Magus to "execute" his research Thema using the power of a magic. "Transformation" into a state suitable for own Thema imagined by the Magus. The clothes in Magus mode are reconstructed from the clothes the Magus was wearing, so if it is torn, the damage remains in the original clothings.

Grimoire Security

A group aim to completely eliminate the Breakdown Phenomenon. A particularly outstanding Magus in the Royal Biblia Academy is appointed. When a Breakdown Phenomenon occurred or predicted anywhere in the world, Grimoire Security will dispatch its members to stop and destroy it. The procedure is left to them. The members possess the right to kill the cause.

Magical Academy

There are five magical academies exist around the world, including the Royal Biblia Academy. Each school headmaster is a person who is recognized by the world as a "Paladin" class Magus.

Cardinal Class

One of the ranks based on magic power as a Mage. Cardinal Class is the highest rank next to the highest "Paladin" class. People in this class often born with magical power. Ones magic power is extremely difficult to control, hence, most of them could not reach the "Paladin" class and ended up annihilate themselves due to the berserk of ones own magic power. Yui Kurata has the power of a Cardinal Class.

Realize (Recognition Manifestation)

A Spell that Lilith Asami, the best Magus in Royal Biblia Academy, cast to demonstrate the power of Alchemy. It transforms her Grimoire to various form of guns. It is said that she could transform it to more than 20 kinds of gun.

Eternal Library

A ruin that seems to be a library from a different world that was sealed at the Royal Biblia Academy. However, it was simply a ruin and it seemed that there was no valuable knowledge or secret remains. However, a forbidden knowledge "The Entity of the Demon Lord" was sealed there. This knowledge is said to lead the destruction and breakdown of this world.

Last Crest

The ultimate magic that is said to be exists in all seven categories of magic. The "Trinity Seven" are the top-notch level of Magus who reach the Last Crest. In order to achieve this level, one must have a born talent and research for deep Thema.

Royal Liber Academy

The Royal Liber Academy is one of the Three Great Magical Academies in the world and the headmaster was at a "Paladin" class Magus just like the Biblia Academy. There were many Grimoires, Magical swords, and Magical treasures stored in this academy, and when it come to the research of "Magical tools", the Liber Academy was superior than the other two Great Magical Academy. Currently, this academy and its lands have ceased to exist. Only the ruins remain there.


Term meaning the three as one. As in mage term, it has a meaning of "who mastered three Archive". Usually, a mage can only study one Thema, which is, oppose to ones "nature/quality of soul." However, in a person is able to somehow learn three Themas, one will be able to "reach the Trinity." A Mage who reaches the Trinity is said to be able to contact the truth of this world and it is a goal of all Magus.

The Gospel Seekers (Iscariot)

A mysterious group that the former headmaster of Liber Academy, Master Liber, Hijiri Kasuga and others belong to. Their goal is to "defeat the Demon Lord" in order to prevent the Demon Lord to destroy the world. The number of members and the scales are unknown. However every member of this group possesses the "Demon Lord Entity", and at the same time, reach the Trinity shows that there are high possibility that Iscariot is using some kind of forbidden method. One of the Trinity Seven, Lieselotte Sherlock was a former member of Iscariot.

The Legendary Grimoire

Indicate "Astil Manuscript" and "Ilas Fragment". These Grimoires used to owned by a high-ranked Magus, Hijiri Kasuga. Both Grimoires has its own will and chose its owner itself. People were skeptical about its existence, since it was only in the legends. It is told that its contents include every knowledge all over the world, even unknown magics and the truth of the world. Everything that Magus seeks for. Astil Manuscript is proficient in analyze and execution whereas Ilas Fragment is skillful in decoding and supporting.


A kind of magic that research and practice on light and it is believed that one who masters Ildanach will gain the speed of light. It is a physical movements that can not visually recognize, and the human sense can only comprehend it as a "light" due to its extreme speed.

Mythical Armaments

Legendary weapons that appears in myth and lore. It is considered to be sealed somewhere in the world. It has the power to enable users to use the "legend" as an ability, and in the same time boosts both the magical and physical power of the owner. Each Armaments has its corresponding Thema and possesses special ability based on its Them.


Term for the highest rank magic in "Ira" Archive. A power gained by mastering everything in "Ira" Archive and reached the root of magic. One can equip the Satan Form, the superior armament of Magus Mode, and able to access all magics in the Archive. The term Satan came from the name of demon corresponds to the Archive. Each Archives has its corresponding demons, and their name is used for its highest rank magic.