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Sex Side Effects with Diabetes: Erectile Dysfunction

The adverse effects of diabetes come with a few medical and lifestyle frustrations. Despite the circulatory setbacks, the disease can affect a manís performance in the bedroom. Particularly, in younger men with diabetes, erectile dysfunction can be debilitating.

Even though anxiety as well as stress may interfere with a normal sex life, diabetic patients experience physical responses that impact the quality of an erection. Almost, 50 percent of men diagnosed with diabetes suffer from sexual dysfunction. Even more disturbing, the problem can be less responsive to treatment and more acute and than men only afflicted with impotence.

The link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction is based on two disruptions. Since, diabetes is associated with several abnormalities; the disruptions are primarily responsible for erectile dysfunction. The first begins with neuropathy which injures the nerves throughout the entire body. Even during emotional and physical arousal, the nerve damage will interrupt the natural reflexes that compel an erection.

The other disruption is associated with narrowing blood vessels which is a prevalent incidence with diabetes. Additionally, it causes other complications; including a heart disease and a lack of good circulation which inherently affects blood flow in and out of the penis. Given the medical disorders the effects of diabetes makes exceptionally difficult for men to achieve or keep an erection.

Despite the numerous complications associated with diabetes, there are ways of preventing or possibly overcome erectile dysfunction. The measures included controlling weight, keeping the cholesterol level to a minimum and curbing blood pressure. The lifestyle modifications can assure controlling complications and maintain sugar control. Even if the dietary adjustments to not cure erectile dysfunction, it can ensure diabetics with enhanced well-being.

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