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Erotica: Women v. Erectile Dysfunction Meds

Are women really satisfied with all the sexual dysfunction interrupting prescription drugs? As millions of men belly up to the drugstore line, it would seem that millions of ladies would reap the benefits of the erectile dysfunction temporary erasers. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra appear to taking the emasculation out of sex and replacing it with masculine powers.

On the contrary, the rekindled ability to perform is living some women turned off. Over the years, these sex power drugs were assumed as manís formula for having a sex revival or the rejuvenation of a sex life. But, some of these menís partners donít see these sexual dysfunction pills as the cure all. To evaluate the sexual efficacy and satisfaction of the FDA approved drugs, researchers conducted various market studies.

At the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, Dr. Annie Potts, a psychologist, started interviewing couples to determine if there were any drawbacks to treatment of erectile dysfunction. Although many of the female participants were satisfied with their renewed sex life, they were turned off by their partnersí seemingly obsessed demeanor to get their money's worth.

The findings showed that men are trying to maximize their moneyís worth with each ten dollar pill. It makes for quite mechanical or unfeeling interludes. A fraction of the subject studies thought their partners were more interested in Cialis, Viagra and Levitra then foreplay with their sex mate.

Some women complain that sex is non-existent without the erectile dysfunction corrector pill. Other women are questioning whether their lovers are addicted to these drugs themselves? The number of disgruntled partners is hard to measure. While some women do not want their husbands using these erectile dysfunction prescriptions, merely a third of men are giving up the uses of pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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