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Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Approval Rating

After the male impotence (erectile dysfunction) is temporarily repaired by prescription medication, is there a way to mutually rekindle the intimacy flame?
It depends which gender is doing the pleasing. Recent market research is showing that women are immensely unsatisfied with way prescription medications such as Levitra, Cialis or Viagra.

Wives and lovers who are on the receiving end of the erectile dysfunction medication users are almost completely turned off by the mechanical and impersonal seduction tactics they are objected to by their companions. Several men admit that these male impotence drugs enable them to be completed unemotionally involved and yet able to perform with longevity.

Despite the theory that men want sex more than women, over 75 percent of the female participants deemed sex as ‘moderately to extremely important’. On the contrary, the playing field could be leveled by a testosterone patch for women to enhance sexual desire and activity. However, there are serious risks with the usage of steroids. In fact, it is has been the subject of debate which has inspired the Food and Drug Administration to reject a request to authorize testosterone treatment.

In the opinions of certain psychologists, a prescription like Levitra or even anti-depressants, require a collaborative effort in a monogamous relationship. The situations where a spouse feels like the husband is obsessed with the anti-impotence drug more than the wife, is generally the result of an already existing tension.

On the contrary, the basic findings of the study suggest that women are enthralled by the sexual response of erectile dysfunction medications. In Japan over 65 percent of the women gave FDA approved drugs like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra a good sex approval rating.

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