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Husband Problems Part 2

The husband is the foundation of the family, the walls that support the entire family structure, the “big man” of the house. Sometimes though the man becomes a liability, a pest, a weakness to the building of happy family.
The following are the kinds of husbands who become deterrents to creating a happy home:

1) Drinking Husband
A man does not have to be a hopeless alcoholic to wreck his home and to destroy his wife’s love by drinking. Indeed, the final stages of alcoholism are often the result of a man having lost his wife’s love and done great damage to his home by inordinate habits connected with drinking. For example, a man may spend so much time in bars that his wife and home are all but completely neglected. From such parties, he may not come home completely drunk, but he will usually be a different man than the one whom his wife loved. Sometimes, he will be mean or he may become sensual in an animal-like way. In any case, he is killing all the love that his wife once had for him.

2) Gambling Husband
Gambling can become a disease like that of overdrinking. It can afflict the man who has an inferiority complex and thus has deep-rooted worries over the fact that he is not earning as much as he would like to for his family. So, he lives and acts on the ridiculous conviction that one of these days, he will make a killing at gambling, and thus show his wife and children that he is a better man than they though he was.

3) Jealous Husband
The jealous husband is one who feels uncertain about his wife’s love often because he knows he is guilty of faults that make him undeserving of it, and who foolishly thinks that he can hold her loyalty to him only by preventing her from being friendly with anyone else. The jealous husband would like to imprison his wife behind a high wall. He does not deprive her of every kind of social life that he can forbid or prevent. He is suspicious of every innocent, friendly contact his wife makes with others. He tries to keep her separated from her own family.

4) No Manifestation of Affection for His Wife
This is the husband who never gives any outward sign by word or action, of the love he has for his wife. If she were to ask him whether he still loves her, he would say in a bored, offhand way: “Of course I do. Now don’t bother me.” The husband who refuses to manifest his love for his family is usually the same one who refuses to lift a hand to help his wife with her domestic tasks. Apart from the sexual part of marriage, he wants to live his own self-centered, egoistic, independent life, as though he had never solemnly promised to enter into an all-out relationship with her in establishing a home.

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