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Husband Problems

For women, in general, marriage is the ultimate fulfillment of a wish-fantasy, that of becoming a princess—donning a white wedding gown and marching down a flower-festooned aisle. And during the creation of a family, she sees herself as the queen of the domain. But her beautiful dream can be shattered in just one click when she discovers that her husband is not what she really dreamt of.
The following are the kinds of husbands that a woman is afraid of:

1) You-do-your-job-and-I’ll-do-mine Husband
It adopts the principle that besides being faithful to his wife, the only contribution he is called upon to make toward the upkeep of a home and the raising of children is the money he makes. He selfishly imagines thatit is his wife’s part of the bargain to do it alone in keeping the home tidy and neat, and respectable; to feed, clothe and train the children; to correct and punish them and to tell them what they may and may not do. In short, they want the wife to do all the work involved in making a home and raising children by herself. The wife should be regarded as a mere “maid” in the house and not as a partner in creating a happy family.

2) Money-Pinching Husband
This is the husband who thinks that he should have autocratic charge of all the finances of the family; and that he should keep his wife on an allowance or a dole or a budget that barely covers the stark necessities of housekeeping and her personal requirements. Such husbands refuse to trust their wives with money or even with a voice in discussions of how the family funds should be used. In many cases, this same kind of husband is very lavish in expenditures on himself and his pleasures.

3) The I-need-recreation-and-you-don’t-need Husband
He feels that he must have his nightouts and his dayoffs for bowling and others like gathering with the boys, but who rarely, if ever, gives his wife an opportunity for relaxation away from the constant duties at home. As to taking his wife out with him once in a while, he considers that just out of the question. In his mind, she ought to love just staying home and working. This is inhuman. It is like saying: “I am a human being and therefore I need recreation. My wife is not a human being and therefore should need no recreation.”

4) Husband who is Married First to his Business
Almost all of his time and energy are spent in his business in trying to make money. Little time is spent with wife and home. There is no criticism of the husband who takes an extra job to help his family financially. These things can be done without complete neglect of a wife and children. The man who can forget that he has a wife and children in favor of his business interests should never have married.

5) Mama’s Boy
Marriage does not release either a husband or wife from the duty of honoring and loving their mothers and fathers. However, it does make duties to their spouses supersede duties to their parents. The mama’s boy never quite leaves his mother. He permits her to have more to say over his actions and plans than his wife. A wife may have planned for weeks with the approval of her husband, for some trip of outing with him. If, at the last moment, mama says no, then the husband will not go.

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