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More Problems With The Wife

The union between a man and a woman during marriage is a pact to create a family life conducive to happiness, comfort and progress for themselves and their children. But sometimes, one partner such as the wife becomes a burden to the family particularly the husband.
The following are the types of wife that a man doesnít want to have:

1) Extravagant Wife
There are wives who may be judged to be objectively extravagant. Their spending or desire to spend goes beyond their husbandís income. They insist in buying only the best and the most expensive food, clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. They irresponsibly plunge their family into debt. They are carried away by the desire to keep up with their neighbors and have everything their neighbors have.

2) Economically Dissatisfied Wife
A wife may not be actually extravagant, but she may become so dissatisfied with her husbandís income that she gives him no peace. She compares his income with that of other men whom she knows or perhaps she could have married, and constantly reminds him of productive inferiority. She pesters him with orders to demand a raise, or to change jobs, or take leisure time jobs until he is almost frantic.

3) Jealous Wife
No wife can help feeling hurt if her husband puts and keeps her in a secondary place among his human loves. A husband who neglects his wife because of attachment to his mother or relatives, is violating justice, and is wrong in brushing off his wifeís resentment with the charge of jealousy.

But there can be real jealousy in wives. Wives are generally guilty of this fault if they resent even the normal ties that their husbands maintain with their families. They are oversensitive to lack of affection from their in-laws. Sometimes they see slights and insults where none were intended by their in-laws. Sometimes too, they even wrongly insist that their husbands renounce all contact with their families because of the fancied slights the wives have received.

Wives too can be jealous of their husbandís time. We by no means condone the husband who gives little or none of his free time to his wife, wither to help her with unending work to share her few leisure hours. But a wife is guilty of jealousy if she begrudges her husband an occasional game, outing or socialization.

4) Wife With Wrong Attitude Toward Sex
Sexual compatibility and cooperativeness is one of the important keys to a happy marriage. But it is rare to find a perfect sexual compatibility. The right adjustment must be sought, both to the duties of the basic contract entered into through marriage, and to the reasonable needs and wishes of the partner. It is in this matter of adjustment that many wives fail

5) Escapist Wife
This is the wife who, contrary, to the instincts of most normal women, has no interest in the work of homemaking and children. She tries to escape these tasks by assuming all kinds of activities outside her home. Many a wife who takes a salaried job outside her home is an escapist wife. They seek escape from their primary duties through political, social, civic and even charitable activities. Others still, seek escape through a constant round of visits to friends, parties, unnecessary trips; anything to get out of their homes.

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