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Sex Appeal, a Low Libido and Overweight Issues

Just about anytime, one turns on American television, scantily clad waifs are marketing a product. If the television commercials are not enough, TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Sex in the City, and MTV’s music videos serve as reminders that sex is associated with a slim svelte bodies.

Today’s messages in pop culture signify that sexuality is synonymous with being slender. For many women and the majority of the male gender, being sexy and overweight are metaphors of cancer and health.

In overweight people who are battling the bulge, both image and weight issues taint the inspirations of erotica. According to clinical psychologist and director of behavioral health Martin Binks, PhD, of Duke University's Diet and Fitness Center, people are struggling with society’s classification of sex appeal. These cultural expectations are negatively affecting many individual’s self-esteem and image perceptions.

At the same token, the biases of society are not to blame, entirely. Advanced research studies are suggesting that the physical conditions that accompany obesity impact one’s sex drive. For the overweight, the desire to be intimate is foiled. To change these perceptions, it starts with making a few minor life enhancements to improve the libido. Use the following strategies to pump up your sex appeal and desire for erotica:

• Shed a few pounds. Just ten pounds can provide the confidence to active your hormones.
• Go with a well balanced diet. Consuming nutritious foods improves the way the body feels as it controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels
•b> Focus fitness down below. Perform exercises to improve blood flow to your pelvic area.
• Read sexy tales. Buy a provocative novel to remind you of the way it could be
• Love thyself. Learn to accept your body regardless of your size.

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